Photo Tour of Noto

Wondering whether to visit Noto? Take a tour! Noto is an ideal base from which to explore the southeast of Sicily. History In January 1693, a huge earthquake struck southern Italy destroying around 45 cities and killing over 60 000 people. The response to the reconstruction of some of these cities was to redesign them … Continue reading Photo Tour of Noto

Photo Tour of Ortygia

First glimpse of Ortygia as you cross to the island from the mainland of Syracuse.

Cant decide whether to visit Ortygia? Here's what you will be missing. If you are going to visit Syracuse in the south east corner of Sicily, you will definitely want to spend most of your time on the beautiful island of Ortygia which is joined to the mainland by three bridges. History Syracuse was first … Continue reading Photo Tour of Ortygia

Eight of the Most Beautiful Towns in Sicily

Cathedral in Ortygia

1. Ortygia Ortygia is really an island that is attached to the mainland by bridges. It is a labyrinth of small alleyways, but it is very hard to get lost as all roads eventually seem to lead to the Duomo in the main square. Leave your map in the hotel room and just enjoy wandering … Continue reading Eight of the Most Beautiful Towns in Sicily